How To Make A Website And What To Do After Creating A Website?

Last updated on October 24th, 2023 at 03:22 am

How to make a website? Friends, this is a question that I did not even know the answer to three years ago, but when I did a lot of research on this subject, I came to know the answer, so today I will share my knowledge with all of you, so how to make this website Read this post to know about us.

How to make a website

Everyone wants to create their website, which can have many reasons behind it, which we are going to discuss in this post itself, so read this post carefully to know how to make a website.

Creating a website is very easy, even if a small child can make it, don’t worry I know you are not a child Have brought the method, believe it is easier than creating a Facebook account, but only when you follow our steps well. So friends, let’s know how to create a website step by step.

Before knowing how to build a website, we know what are the benefits of creating a website? If you want to take your business to the next level, then you need to have a website because with the help of your website you can join together millions of people online and this will also promote your business for free.

Not only this, if you make a website in your company name, then customers will also trust your product quickly. Now this question will also be coming to your mind, what will be the benefit of creating a website for those who do not have a company of their own?

So friends, if you do not have a company, yet you can make a website, it will benefit you that you can earn good money sitting back home by doing online advertisement on the website.

We will know how to make a website ahead, but before that, we also need to know how many ways we can make a website and which way we are going to know today.

So friends, if you want to create a professional and a website of your choice of design, then for this you should know programming languages ​​like HTML, CSS, PHP, javascript.

If you are not aware of these programming languages, then you can hire a web developer for this work, they will take some money in exchange for creating a website from you, which you will have to pay them.

So I have told you how to make a website and if I want, I can finish this post right now, but no friends, I have to share one more way with all of you right now, so read the post completely.

Now suppose that you do not have the money to give to the web developer and you do not even have the knowledge of programming languages, what will we do in this situation?

So in this situation, you can create a blog that will also be free and it will not take more than five minutes to create it. You do not need any professional skill to create a blog and for this, you do not have to hire any web developer, it is so easy that you can make it in a pinch.

If you have a lot of information about any topic like me, then a blog will be the perfect option for you. The only difference between a blog and a website is that we need to have knowledge of programming languages ​​in the website, whereas there is nothing like that in a blog. If you want to learn website designing, then digiexprt is providing the best course for you which you can join.

How To Create A Website?

Online has many platforms for making blogs but I would recommend blogger and WordPress to all of you as it is the best platform to make a blog.

Blogger is a service of google company that is free, but in WordPress, you are paid for hosting and domain. If you are new to blogging, then you should also start from the blogger itself, later you can move to WordPress if you want.

I am going to give you the information of blogger in this post, due to which I have told you above. So friends, let’s know how to create a website that is also absolutely free without any programming knowledge.

1) First of all open the chrome browser on your computer. You can use any browser, but I recommend the chrome browser to everyone.

2) You have to enter in the address bar and come to the blogger website.

3) Click on Create your blog option.

How To Make A Website in blogger

4) Now log in with your Gmail account. If you do not have a Gmail account, first create a Gmail account because a blogger cannot be used without a Gmail account.


5) After logging in to the Gmail account, the blogger website will open, now our real work starts.

6) A new box will be displayed on your computer screen with the name or create a new blog.

7) The title is the first option of this box will be written, meaning you have to enter the title of your blog in the field in front of it. The next option address will mean that you have to write the address of your blog in the field in front of it.

Remember that the address you are entering should be available. If it is not, then you will have to enter another address. After completing all these steps, select the theme of your blog and click on create blog option.

How To Make A Website in blogger

8) Your website will be ready in a few seconds and you can open it in a web browser and check whether it is working properly or not. Right now your blog will be empty because you have not published any new post yet. To publish a new post on your blog, click on the new post option in the posts option of your blogger dashboard.

website kaise banaye

9) your website has been prepared and now you can gain good traffic from search engines by publishing a new post on it. You should tell all your friends about this blog that how you did it, they will be happy to hear your words.

10) After creating a blog, you can easily set a custom domain, theme, menu, color, and everything. Remember, to increase traffic on the blog, you have to write a good post, only then you can get traffic from google.

Right now your blog is new, so promote it on social media with your friends. If you want, you can also promote by making graphics and images with the help of the Canva tool.

What To Do After Creating A Website

Friends, after creating a free website on the blogger, your work does not end, even after creating the website, there are some things that we need to do, only then someone will want to come to our website and we will benefit from it. I will also tell you in this post what to do after creating a free website on the blogger, so let’s know some important things.

Set Custom Template

Friends, you do not find any good template for your website on blogger. Friends, you will need a custom template to make the website attractive, if you use the default template of blogger, then your website will not look as attractive as a website should look and when someone does not appear attractive, then why would someone on your website like to stop, so use a custom template on your website.

On the internet, you can download free blogger custom template from many websites. There are also two types of templates, one is free and the other is now your choice, you can use whatever you like. You can set a custom template under the theme option in Blogger.

Set Custom Domain

Friends, after creating a free website on blogger, Blogspot comes in your domain name, due to which the domain becomes very large and does not look good.

If you want to remove Blogspot from your domain name, for this you will have to buy a custom domain, you can buy a custom domain from any website but I would recommend you to big sites like GoDaddy or BigRock.

After purchasing a custom domain, you can set that domain by going to blogger settings. If there is any problem in setting custom domain, then do a search about it on Google, you will also find related tutorials on Youtube.

Learn About SEO

If you want your website to rank at the top position in Google, then for this, you must first understand SEO what it is and how it works. If you do not know SEO, then you can never bring traffic to your website from Google.

You will not take much time to understand SEO, so it will be good to learn this too, but I cannot give you information about SEO in this post, because by doing this post will become very big, if you want to learn SEO, then also about this Search on Google Many posts have been written on this topic.

Earn Money Now

Suppose you have followed our tips mentioned well and good traffic is also coming to your website, so what will be your benefit from this traffic now? Friends, if thousands of people are coming to your website every day, then your income can be good from it, let me tell you how it is possible?

If you advertise on your website, then you get paid for that advertising. You can advertise on your website in two ways, first by joining an ad network and second is affiliate marketing.

The ad network has the most popular AdSense that gives you money per click, you can join sites like amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal for affiliate marketing which will give you a commission per sale.

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