Digital Marketing Jobs Salary

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Digital Marketing Jobs Salary

The business of Digital Marketing Jobs salary is growing rapidly as everyone wants to present their company digitally on the web. As online space advertising has become a branding marketing platform, so too is the need for people to navigate this space.

Read on to know everything about the  Digital marketing jobs salary if you want to be a part of this industry.

Technical jobs and analytical skills being your strong suit, search engine optimization roles may be right up your road. The primary goal of a search engine optimization specialist is to generate targeted website traffic and rank it on the first page of Google for relevant keywords. Keyword research, SEO copywriting, search engine algorithms are some of the key skills that a search engine optimization specialist needs.

The average entry-level salary in India for a Search Engine Optimization Specialist with less than 1 year of experience is ₹1,66,578 per annum. SEO  Specialist with  4 years of experience earns an average of ₹ 250,660 in India. Search Engine Optimization specialists with 5-8 years of experience can expect an average of ₹5,68,532 in India.

Digital Marketing Manager

In IT companies, Internet companies, and digital marketing agencies, the Digital Marketing Manager gets the highest salary than the Manager of other industries. Digital Marketing jobs salary in These positions require good experience, with top-notch knowledge in digital marketing to appropriately mentor and manage people, and transcript them well. This job is a digital marketing lead, Comes with good experience at levels like DM.

A DM-level manager should be an expert in functions like SEM, PPC, SEO, Content Marketing, and Email Promotion. These are some of the essential skills which are very important to become a digital marketing professional and this is their job role.

1. Digital Marketing Manager Role

• Planning, organizing, and conducting digital marketing activities.
• Monitoring proper marketing, budgeting, and expenditure paid on monthly basis.
• Good understanding of SEO.
• Social media, organic and paid.
• Proficiency in performance marketing of DM Manager.
• Smooth running of all digital marketing platforms.
• Discovering market trends, and the right budget and performance.
• Project presentable, and well-spoken.
• Must have good business sense.

2. Digital Marketing Manager Salary in India

The average salary of a  manager in Digital Marketing jobs salary in India is Rs 9,09,888. It is for the candidate having 5 to 8 years of experience. Some other industries and cities play a good role in deciding the salary. The salary range of the Manager is between 4,00,000 to 2,00,0000. In a city like Mumbai, a person’s salary is higher than a person with similar skills. If technical skills are your strength, all search engine roles can be perfect. The primary goal of a search engine optimization specialist is to generate website traffic and rank it on the first page of Google. Keyword research, SEO copywriting, search engines are some of the skills that search is essential for SEO.

PPC Analyst

PPC or some define it as SEM, is in great demand for online marketing and  Digital marketing Jobs Salary. Through this, a person can get benefits quickly. Because it takes more time to get profit from SEO, so most of the companies also go for it. With PPC, companies want to push their limits and promote their advertising. A person who plays every role well gets a very good salary in his life and moves ahead.PPC is one of the emerging digital marketing careers in 2021.

For this job, such a person is needed who knows to increase the investment and get more profit from it. The one who can accomplish this is kept in the company. Companies push their limits and focus on advertising, achieving organic results. You should have complete knowledge of every method behind every data click. It will help you to get a job as PPC Specialist in every major company.

1. PPC Specialist Salary

The salary of a PPC Specialist with less than 1-year of experience is around ₹ 3 Lakh. A PPC analyst with more than 2 years of experience expects to earn ₹4-5 lakhs in India. PPC is an advertisement of the Internet, it is used to bring traffic to the website, if any visitor clicks on the advertisement, then the search engine pays a fee to the network of those websites.

The fee pays on every single click whether it is an ad from Google or Amazon. Along with search engines, website owners bid for keywords best for their market, combine the images and text of the ad and the shopping ad, and pay a fee when they are clicked. WOO COMMERCE sites charge a fixed rupee on normal instead of bidding. PPC ads, also known as banners, are shown on the WOO commerce website. Advertisements that people agree to show are not pay-per-click ads. On Facebook Twitter LinkedIn also gets paid for every click. The fee paid by advertisers is up to the publisher which is run by two major ones, the quality of the ad, and the higher the bid that the advertiser is willing to pay for every click. The higher the accuracy of the ad, the lower the cost per click.

2. PPC Analyst Role

• The PPC specialist has to take care of the smooth running of ads on Facebook, Linked In, and other social media networks.
• Key functions include organizing keywords, monitoring daily and monthly budgets, and improving scores.
• It gives preference to the candidate who knows Google Analytics and other tools.
• The person doing ppc work should have strong technology.
• All types of Google Ads – Search and display, and pay on ads.

SEO Specialist

People are making new strategies in Digital marketing jobs Salary, but SEO will always be evergreen. SEO helps to rank the website in organic search, writing great content in it can bring a lot of traffic. It requires experience in SEO Tools SEMRUSH, Google Analytics, Search Console. This is one of the best roles to become a specialist.

A higher salary is dependent on experience and knowledge. In the beginning, the salary may be the same but with a better understanding of the subject the salary increases. To become a better digital marketer, you have to be proficient in many skills that will pay you for everything. SEO fresher gets less salary as compared to PPC. But this is the beginning of my career. The average salary of SEO specialists in India is around 2,4 0, 000. This is of a person having 1 – 2 years of experience. SEO interns are paid around Rs 18 000 in the cities of Mumbai, Bangalore, Pune.

1. SEO Specialist Salary

Like a PPC specialist, with experience, the salary rises to Rs.9,00,000. It is for an expert-level person who has a good understanding of things. Exceptional growth has been proven as an SEO professional, drawing a salary of 18,00,000+. SEO is less demanding as compared to PPC. This is because most SEOs work for ranking on Google, whereas PPC ones are working on multiple platforms. SEO improves the quality and quantity of website traffic to the web page of the website. SEO’s unpaid traffic is considered organic. Website traffic comes from many things, including images, videos, education, news.

2. SEO Specialist Role

As in Internet marketing, SEO looks at how the search engine will work, determines the exact scale of the work done in the website, what people like to see, what is the right search, who are the searched keywords Which are liked by the people. Search engine optimization is done because the website ranks at the top in Google.

Social Media Marketing

Nowadays people mainly interact with each other on social media. So along with creating a brand website and app, bring changes in social media as well. Social media is driving the business and the website is improving for an online presence. To drive traffic to your page and maintain engagement, hire someone who is well versed in social media. If you have this talent then you can take advantage of it. Must have knowledge of various tools for social media like Hootsuite, Buffer, Buzzsumo.

Digital Marketing Jobs Salary depends on how you can manage the social media marketing of the company. Social media people interact directly with customers, so they have to be upbeat, positive, and in some places the art of laughing works very well. With this feature, beginners can make a place in social media marketing. Experience has its place but if you have passion then no one can stop your career from progressing.

1. Social Media Executive Role

• Social media executives have to choose attractive advertisements to reach their content to the audience.
• Designed for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter.
• SM Analysts do the work of the organization on this platform.
• Join workgroups and answer questions when needed.
• Build a good strategy to get customer reviews and ratings.
• It includes monitoring in applications, channels, design to happen.

2. Social Media Marketing Executive Salary

In half the places, the salary of a social media executive is equal to that of a PPC executive. Salary is Rs 1,8 0,000 to Rs 3,80 0,00 for social media fresher or experience less than 2 years. For a good executive, this salary is increased to 6,00,000, this salary is different in different cities. The salary of a social media manager is around 6,60,000. In India, it has increased to around 10,00,000. It is in huge demand in digital marketing. Due to its diversity, some prefer to outsource this work to agencies, a good social media worker needs to have all kinds of tools and thorough knowledge.

3. Social Media in Politics 

After the Lok Sabha elections in 2014, when social media came into India’s election campaign, Lokniti is asking questions on SM platforms in all elections. This not only enabled the analysis of SMs on voting preferences, but also the development of the SM platform, and their access and user profiles. These companies have to comply with their IT regulations and also face pressure from the government to face the consequences, some survey findings have to be highlighted to reflect the sentiment on the reach of the SM platform, what is the stake of their users.

Nowadays social media is very popular even in elections. Leaders and party people promote their party through advertisements on social media. The logo of the social media platform has benefited a lot, here every person transmits his personal life and moments related to his life through images, videos, and content. In Social media, people used 5 platforms Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Instagram, and YouTube in great quantity. WhatsApp was launched in 2009 and today it has been taken to court. New digital rules are against its privacy protection. The number of people using it in India is almost 90%.

Content Marketing

Content Marketing Manager Role is Very Important in Digital Marketing Jobs Salary The Internet includes a lot – copywriting images, posts, videos, visual graphics, email letters. To see all these things, a manager is needed who can lead the people with his dexterity and efficiency. In some companies, this role is played by SEO, but due to the abundance of all these things on the Internet, a person with very good experience is hired for this job.

1. Content Marketing Manager Role

• The content manager’s role is to promote and improve our businesses to achieve their goals.
• enhance the brand and accelerate web traffic.
• Engages customers, brings consistency and positivity to the brand.
• Access most people, manage and website items, blogs, copy, content, and more.
• increase traffic on the web.

2. Content Marketing Manager Salary in India

The salary of a Content Marketing Manager is more than that of an SEO Executive. They not only create content but also promote it, they play two roles. Content marketing fresher and those with less than 2 years experience, salary in India is 2,5 00,00 to 4,00,000. Their highest salary is around Rs.6,00,000. Content Marketing Specialists get a good salary, their average salary is around Rs 7,50,000 and is around 1 million in India. There are also a lot of posts for Content Marketing Head, where the minimum experience is 8+ years and the salary range is Rs.12,00,000 to Rs.20,00,000 per annum.

Salary is given based on experience. It all depends on your hard work. There are always exceptions, too. However, these are not all sets. Your salary depends on your skills, the more you master them, the faster you grow and grow the company too. The best thing about digital marketing is that you can do office work sitting at home or in a good place, you can earn as much money, if you can not earn more, then you will earn as much as a marketing office going employee.


We trust this blog assisted you with acquiring somewhat more viewpoint on whether you need to take on this vocation way. While the computerized advertising compensation is an unequivocal reward, there are numerous different advantages of an advanced showcasing vocation, bringing about many alumni and working experts looking at this profession alternative.

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