5 Best Digital Marketing Course In Bangalore

Last updated on October 24th, 2023 at 03:21 am

Friends, today we talk about the top 5 best digital marketing Course in Bangalore. So let’s start without waste of time. Before talking about Best Digital Marketing Course In Bangalore, We want to share some things with you.

It is unclear whether the digital revolution has increased the demand for digital marketers. In a short time, digital marketing has become a necessity not only for businesses but also for sales and marketing professionals. But to be at the top in your game, if you live in Bangalore and want to learn digital marketing, then you just need to be interested in the best digital marketing courses in Bangalore. Best Digital Marketing Institutes in Bangalore |See The Top List -Treehack

Digital marketing has provided promising career opportunities for aspiring digital marketers and has also helped companies expand revenue from their multipliers.

The increasing trend of jobs in digital marketing has prompted many candidates to take training in digital marketing.

As more and more companies have gone digital, the demand for digital marketers has grown rapidly. This is a great opportunity for students and working professionals to start their career in the field of digital marketing.

It is important to get proper training in digital marketing to start your career. Therefore, taking a top digital marketing course is the first step towards success.

But vocational training institutes are lacking, especially in Bangalore. And that’s why any candidate should weigh his options well.

If you are from Bangalore and are looking for the best digital marketing courses in Bangalore, we are here to help.

Here is a list of the 5 Best Digital Marketing Course In Bangalore that provides you with digital marketing as your stream, So in the first number:

Digital Marketing Expert – Digiexprt

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In the first number, the best digital marketing Course in Bangalore is Digiexprt. Digiexprt is providing Digital Marketing Course in Bangalore at an affordable price, where all people like a businessman, student, and everyone person who pass out 12th class can make their careers by this digital marketing course, our motive is to deliver trending knowledge and valuable information about Digital Marketing Course.

Digital marketing is the best option for everyone to upgrade themself because there are plenty of opportunities to generate an audience and spread out awareness about quality products. Because it has become the need of today’s world through digital marketing people can enhance their business and take the business to the top level.

That’s why it’s the appropriate time to join the digital marketing course in Bangalore and get growth in the career. Here are many ways such as search engines, social media, email, and websites through the digital marketing

Digital marketing is upgraded technology through all innovative modules like Social media, Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing, and other different modules of digital marketing or internet marketing is all about generating online users, spread awareness of any product, service, or technology worldwide.

Digital marketing course in Bangalore is the best source of preparing for adopting innovative ways of marketing and making products and services popular worldwide. A recognized digital marketing Course in Bangalore provides you with such courses as well-planned study material. For students, professionals, entrepreneurs, and job seekers, it is one of the best ways of giving their career better growth.

Features Of This Course Are As Follows.

  • Digital marketing overview
  • SEO
  • SEM
  • SMO
  • SMM
  • Google webmaster
  • Google keyword planner
  • Ppc (pay per click)
  • Google analytics
  • Google certification.
  • Google keyword planner.
  • Paid online tool (Semrush).
  • Creating a WordPress blog
  • Lead generation
  • Content marketing
  • Backlinking
  • Email marketing
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Display ad
  • Advanced search technology
  • Live project
  • Viral hack

Why Join The Digital Marketing Expert Course

  • Appropriate Advance Digital marketing online & offline course in Bangalore.
  • Digital Marketing trained teachers.
  • 100% of facilities are available for practice.
  • Placement is also available in our institutions and outside.
  • 300+ Tools Free of Cost Worth Rs 83,624/-
Digital Marketing Courses in Bangalore


  • Free Advanced Web Design Course
  • Free Video Editing Course
  • Free Graphic Design Course
  • Online & Offline Classes
  • Free Tools Rs 83,624/-
  • 100% Practical Course
  • 104 Modules
  • 14 Certifications
  • Earn While You Learn
  • Backup Classes
  • 100% job Guaranteed
  • 7yrs+ Trainer Experience
  • 24×7 Online Support
  • Increase Your Business With Digital Marketing
  • Easy EMI Options

Get Ready to Grab 14 Certifications

  • 08 Google Certifications
  • 3 Hubspot Certifications
  • Bing Certification Digital
  • Marketing Expert Internship Certificate
  • Industry Recognized Digiexprt.com Certification


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Email Address


Website: https://digiexprt.com/

2. Digital Vidya

Digital Vidya Vs. DSIM Digital Marketing Course Review

Digital learning should be your top priority when you want to do a top digital marketing course in Bangalore. As Asia’s leading vocational training company, which has been in business since 2009, it is a name you can trust.

In almost a decade of imparting digital marketing training, digital lore has understood the needs of its students and provided the best possible training solutions.

History of Excellence: Digital lore was established in 2009 and was the first institute in India to offer social media marketing workshops.

The institute began offering a digital marketing course program in Bangalore in 2009 as its flagship course. This is how the Certified Master Course in Digital Marketing was started in 2013.

Since then, Digital Learning has trained over 35,000 professionals and students from more than 55 countries with over 3,000 training sessions.

Digital learning has not only helped students and professionals uplift their careers in the field of digital marketing but has also helped companies uplift their businesses by providing personal training in digital marketing.

Digital science has also trained hundreds of CXOs and heads of marketing departments for brands such as Discovery, Nokia, Microsoft, Sony, etc.

Digital Vidya is providing the best online digital marketing course in Bangalore its category through its premium Digital Marketing Certified Master course.

It is purely an instructor-led online training program that helps marketers improve their skills and ensure professional development for students and beginners.

Course Syllabus And Syllabus Modules

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Module 4
  • 4 Search Engine Marketing Modules (SEM / Google AdWords)
  • 5 Modules of Social Media Marketing (SMM)
  • 3 Email Marketing Modules
  • Inbound Marketing Module 4
  • Web analytics module 5
  • Facebook Marketing 2 Module
  • Other Digital Marketing Topics 15 Modules

Duration Of The Course

  1. Fast Track Training – 4 months
  2. Regular training on track – 4 months

Course Price

INR 49,900 + 18% GST


Digital learning provides 100% placement support to students after successfully completing the course.


Digital lore not only focuses on providing the best training in digital marketing but also offers internships so that students can better understand how things actually work in the real world.

These practices are specifically designed so that students can apply their theoretical learning and practical applications learned during the course.

Currently, digital learning offers 2 types of internships:

Research-Based Internship With Digital Learning

This type of internship will give students the opportunity to work with the digital learning content team. This internship will help them to increase their online presence and use the blogging platform to build a brand.

Social Media Internship with NASSCOM

This social media internship is conducted in partnership with NASSCOM, where interns create content and participate on social media platforms.

Why You Should Take Digital Vidya Digital Marketing Course In Bangalore?

  1. Over 100 hours of live classes (online) and over 70 hours (in class)
  2. 140+ hours of practical assignments
  3. Support for beginners and professionals with up to 2 years of experience
  4. More than 15 industry certifications (including Google, Facebook and LinkedIn)
  5. INR 72,000 + free digital marketing tool
  6. Support through 24 x 7 question and answer forum
  7. Village. Lifetime access to the latest content

Although credentials speak for themselves, it is one of the best of the best digital marketing courses in Bangalore. This can be proved by various reviews from alumni of digital science.

3. Digital Academy India

Digital Marketing Certification Courses - Learn Digital Marketing

Digital Academy India is a leading institute for online training and mentoring. Over a period of a few years, Digital Academy India has trained more than 5000 professionals and students across the country.

With the aim of providing a complete career path in digital marketing, they offer comprehensive courses in digital marketing, social media and mobile marketing.

The faculty of Digital Academy India is made up of industry leaders with exceptional experience in the industry, to provide comprehensive training in digital marketing.

Keeping in mind the increasing demand of digital marketing professionals, Digital Academy India, through its Digital Marketing course, helps students understand the basic and advanced concepts of digital marketing.

This makes Digital Academy India one of the best digital marketing courses provider in Bangalore.

Course Syllabus And Syllabus Modules

  1. Search Engine Marketing Module 1 (SEM)
  2. Social Media Marketing (SMM) Module 2
  3. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Module 3
  4. Email Marketing Module 4
  5. Web analysis module 5
  6. Integrated Digital Marketing Communication Module 6

Duration Of The Course

6 months

Course Price

34,900 INR plus tax

Course Offer

Professional Courses

  • Digital Marketing Certification Course
  • Google AdWords Certification Course
  • Certified Associate Course in Digital Marketing

Short Courses

  • Course on Social Media and Mobile Marketing
  • Certification in Search Marketing

Corporate Course

Training Program in Corporate Digital Marketing


Apart from providing training in digital marketing, they also cater to the placement needs of the students to get their desired job.

Who should take Digital Academy India Digital Marketing course in Bangalore?

  • Marketers who want to get more from their digital channels.
  • Digital marketers who want to improve their skills and accelerate their careers.
  • Small and medium business owners who want to grow their business using the online medium.
  • Technology / IT professionals who want to offer digital marketing solutions to their customers.
  • Students who want to improve their digital marketing skills to explore a wide range of career opportunities.

4. UpGrad

digital marketing Upgrad

Founded in 2015, UpGrad is an online platform dedicated to providing industry-relevant higher education and training programs. Its courses are created and delivered in partnership with world-class faculty and industry.

Being one of the best digital marketing courses in Bangalore, Upgrade believes that the professional landscape is dynamic.

Professionals who continue to update at regular intervals are about to enjoy success, and those who do not leave will be left behind. Therefore, to remain relevant in the industry, there is a great need to improve skills.

Therefore, the upgrade began to collaborate with relevant universities and industry partners to create an exceptional learning experience for students and professionals to improve their skills.

UpGrad offers postgraduate certification in Digital Marketing and Communications designed and distributed by experts in the digital marketing industry.

Course Syllabus And Syllabus Modules

  1. Marketing Fundamental 3 Module
  2. Digital Channel Deep Dives 1 – 5 Module
  3. Dive deep into digital channels 2 – 8 modules
  4. Marketing Analysis and Integrated Strategy Module 3
  5. Branding and Communication Specialization 4 Modules
  6. Specialization in Marketing Analytics 4 Modules
  7. 4 modules specializing in social media and content marketing

Duration of the Course

6.5 months

Course Price

87,750 INR + 18% tax.

IMRI – Internet & Mobile Research Institute

Digital Marketing Training Course, Learn Online SEO Marketing - Corporate  SEO PPC Training Course, Learn Search Engine Marketing SMM SEO - Training  Institute

IMRI (Internet and Mobile Research Institute) is a digital media training school based in Bangalore. They offer a unique experiential digital marketing training program to develop knowledge and skills with the help of experience and personal learning.

Classes are usually held on weekends, with a clear focus on providing valuable information to participants to speed up their careers in the digital marketing landscape. They believe in learning by doing and provide lifelong support to the participants.

To ensure that participants receive the best set of knowledge and skills, IMRI provides useful and easily understood study materials along with living project exercises.

Being one of the best digital marketing courses in Bangalore, IMRI believes in following a practical approach.

Therefore, the courses offered here are entirely based on practical applications where students work on a live project. Not only that but the performance of the student is also measured on a regular basis.

Course Syllabus And Syllabus Modules

  1. UI / UX Design Module 1
  2. SEO Module 2 (Search Engine Optimization)
  3. PPC Module 3 (Pay Per Click)
  4. Social Media Module 4
  5. Video marketing module 5
  6. Mobile Marketing Module 6
  7. Email Marketing Module 7
  8. Web analysis module 8

Duration of the Course

3 months

Course Price

INR 90,000 plus tax.

Advantage And Disadvantage of Digital Marketing

Advantage Of Digital Marketing

  • Join paid social advertising.
  • Get the most out of email marketing.
  • Do more visual marketing.
  • Be a better content marketer.
  • Get more technology in your hands.

Disadvantages Of Digital Marketing:

Before you start working in the field of digital marketing, you should also be aware of its limitations. Otherwise, you will have to regret it later. Therefore, before working on digital marketing, you should also be aware of its limitations. The limitations are:

  • technology dependence
  • security, privacy issues
  • Greater price transparency and higher price competitiveness
  • Global competition through globalization

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