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Gone are the days when a business could move towards digital marketing in its marketing plan. While the term digital marketing was first used in the 1990s, when the digital age began 30 years later, companies are hesitant to dive into the field of digital marketing.

Although I am a specialist in digital marketers, I can understand why you are overwhelmed with digital marketing. As a beginner, it includes technical jargon and SEO (search engine optimization), PPC (pay per click), KPI (key performance indicators), SEM (search engine marketing), CTR (click through rate) and CPC (cost). ).

Digital Marketing Channels

with per click), to name a few. Additionally, digital marketing employs the Internet and other digital technologies online to promote products and services, an area in which most companies have no internal expertise.

Before tackling the 5 most effective digital marketing channels for your business, you should destroy digital marketing a bit and share its benefits.

Digital marketing overview

Digital marketing is a general term that includes all types of online marketing. This includes video marketing, email marketing, content marketing, social media marketing, SEO, PPC, advertising, and mobile marketing, among others. 

Since digital marketing generally happens in real time, you can continuously analyze strategy, content, and campaigns. By doing this, you can identify what works and what doesn’t. Then quickly make changes to get you on the right track.

Benefits of digital marketing

Here are some of the many benefits of digital marketing:

Frequent online presence

  • effective cost
  • Instant and highly measurable results.
  • Provides an excellent return on investment (ROI)
  • It gives a direct communication path between you and your customer.
  • Reach potential customers during the early stages of the buyer’s journey.
  • You can interact with the target audience in real time.
  • Highly directed
  • Provides customizability
  • The global reach

Considerations when determining the most effective digital marketing channel for your business

Every business is different. So, before you can determine the most effective digital marketing channel for your business, here are some key factors to consider:

  • What is your brand
  • Your business goals?
  • What are your marketing goals?
  • Where is your target audience?
  • what is your budget?

5 most effective digital marketing channels

All digital marketing channels play a role in solving a business and they play with each other harmoniously. Although the most effective digital marketing channel for your business will depend on the ideas I have outlined, here are the 5 most effective digital marketing channels that are trending and proven to generate considerable results.

1. Video marketing

One of the most prominent digital marketing trends today and prospecting is video marketing for the next 5 to 10 years. 

Video marketing

These figures show the importance of including video in your digital marketing strategy:

  • 70 percent of consumers say they have shared a branded video.
  • 72 percent of companies say video has improved their conversion rate.
  • 52 percent of consumers say that watching product videos gives them more confidence in buying decisions online.
  • 65 percent of executives visit the marketplace website and 39 percent call a salesperson after watching a video.

Video marketing is proven not only to build brand awareness, but to be very effective in increasing traffic and conversions. Create video blogs (vlogs) based on your blog content. Smartly insert that video into a blog post as part of your content marketing strategy. This will attract readers and conversions, as well as get the most out of your content.

Syndicate your videos to sites like YouTube and Vimeo, to try and increase your broad reach in search engines. Users watch more than 1 billion hours of video every day on YouTube.

Promote your videos on your own social media platforms to increase social sharing. Presenting key information will help you connect and engage the user quickly. Social videos that are short for the most engagement and sharing, at this point, provide great content and entertain in an easy-to-digest way.

Another way to use video effectively and increase conversions is to place it on your website. Part of the reason video is so valuable on your website is because it allows you to express your personality. Take advantage of influence and persuasion to a greater capacity than the simple written word.


2. Email marketing

According to LYFE Marketing, email marketing is most important digital marketing channels hence it has the top ROI of any marketing strategy.

Email marketing

You can get a 3800 percent return. $ 38 income for every $ 1 you spend. About 20 percent of companies are getting an ROI of $ 70 to $ 1.

Email marketing delivers highly relevant content to a customer’s inbox in a non-invasive way. Email campaigns are a great way to increase your customers and your sales.

In addition, it allows you to stay in touch and stay in touch with your customers, informing them about upcoming events, other services or new product offers. Ensure up-to-date email lists, personalize emails, and include a clear call to action to improve clicks through rates.

One of the best ways to engage a potential customer or customer and increase traffic to your website is through an email newsletter. You can stay engaged through ongoing weekly or monthly email newsletter communications, and provide valuable information to change or grow your subscriber base.

The newsletter should inform your target audience about the latest news, updates, and tips.

3. Content marketing

Like email marketing, content marketing is one of the most effective digital marketing channels for producing ROI. LYFE Marketing also reported that content marketing can generate three times the approximately 62 percent advantage over traditional marketing.

Potential customers are people who are very likely to buy your product and become loyal customers, because you foster a relationship that is different from website traffic.

Promotional pieces of material include blog posts, infographics, video content, news, checklists, case studies, webinars, and white papers, which are great lead magnets.

Think about which would be most effective in speaking to your target audience, depending on where they are in the five stages of the buying cycle and how they consume the information.

To increase organic traffic and lead generation, you need to offer consistent, high-quality content. This type of traffic is non-paid and is generated by users using search engines after searching your website.

Once you have great content, promote it! Some of the best vehicles for promoting content are through personal email marketing and sharing your posts on social media. These are some of the ways to drive traffic to your blog and generate leads.

Are you starting to see how different digital channels work together to make the most impact?

5. SEO & PPC

There they are. I have mentioned two words of digital marketing before. One of the many advantages of SEO and PPC is the ability to streamline your campaigns and optimize results. 

The Ultimate Guide to Digital Marketing | DigitalMarketer

Let’s start with SEO. Recent marketing statistics show that 64 percent of the market actively invests in SEO. There are two common elements for successful digital marketing: traffic and conversion. SEO-generated traffic is likely to convert at a higher rate than ad-generated traffic, because the searcher is actively searching for information and has specific needs and needs.

I’m a huge fan of SEO because it helps your business appear in search results based on keywords. Drive organic traffic to your business.

Real visitors, with interest and need about your brand, create a high conversation rate, click-through rate, and long-lasting leads.

SEO will help your website rank higher in search engine results, which can drive more traffic to your site and potentially more business. It will also allow your business to appear at the right time, when your audience is looking for you.

Conversion optimized content, based on your audience’s buying phase, will present the right message to them.

PPC, or search advertising, can place you near the top of searches, even if that’s not where your website will appear organically. It works every time advertisers click on one of your online ads.

One advantage is that you are only charged when the user clicks on your ad. Another thing is that you can target people more precisely based on purchasing behavior, pain points, and demographics.

The world of digital marketing is huge. Other effective digital marketing channels include display advertising and mobile marketing.

The conclusion

The buyer’s journey has changed tremendously over the past decade. How and where we view information has become predominantly digital. Traditional media, such as television, print and radio, are slowly declining. Non-traditional media, or digital media, have become a primary focus for marketers.

There are many reasons for this entry. Digital marketing helps companies reach their target audience effectively and consistently. You can optimize a campaign for success on a monthly, weekly, and even daily basis. This makes a digital campaign incredibly customizable and tailored to your business goals.

It can also help you evaluate changes to support the success of the campaign. When working with a marketing partner who understands your brand, a business can more effectively achieve its goals through various digital marketing solutions.

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