Top 5 Cheap Hosting for wordpress

Last updated on October 24th, 2023 at 03:19 am

Finding the right WordPress host is quite tricky in and of itself – no one seems to mind finding it both good and cheap. With this in mind, we decided to run our own tests to identify the best cheap WordPress hosting providers currently on the market.

Top 5 Cheap Hosting for wordpress

However, it is important to remember that when it comes to accommodation, you don’t always get what you pay for; many web servers on this list have excellent ratings. Certainly, we may find a balance between fair prices and good performance.

Best Cheap Hosting for WordPress

A quick list of the best WordPress hosting services today, which we are going to cover in today’s article:

What to expect from cheap WordPress hosting

However, when it comes to web hosting, you can get a lot of bang for your buck, with some great starter plans costing less than $ 5 per month.

It is important to understand that this price does not usually add much. In most cases, cheap WordPress hosting defines as a shared web hosting plan with a average amount of bandwidth and storage space. Budget plans often support a single website and generally do not include automatic backups.

However, the market for cheap accommodation is so competitive that prices are often minimal. Most people don’t need anything other than basic shared hosting, which is why the web values ​​those kinds of plans accordingly.

One caveat for budget hosting is that you have to pay multiple years for years of service to get the best deals. If you want to make monthly payments, the advertised price increases significantly.

Five cheap WordPress hosting services

For each of these web servers, we offer their cheapest WordPress hosting plan. Then we will discuss which plan really offers the best value for your money and what users typically think of their services. Let’s start with a perennial contender.

1. Bluehost

Bluehost is one of the most popular web servers and our first choice as the most effective hosting solution. In our latest WordPress hosting survey, they received a rating of 8.07 out of ten, ranking fourth. However, keep in mind that this survey covers the experiences of all your plans.

Top 5 Cheap Hosting for wordpress

To get the best price from Bluehost, you need to prepay for at least three years of hosting. They also offer one- and two-year contracts, but they don’t have month-to-month options.

If you have to use Bluehost then you have to pay a big down payment, we recommend you go for their plus plan With Plus Tier, you can host unlimited websites and get unconditional bandwidth, all $ 5.45 per month, which makes for a much better deal.

2. Hostinger

If you’re willing to pay upfront for several years, Hostinger is by far the cheapest web hosting option for most WordPress users. Their basic one-website plan starts at $ 0.99 per month, and they are close to Bluehost in terms of user satisfaction.

Cheap Hosting for wordpress

However, once you start looking at the numbers, the picture gets a bit more complicated. To get the price of $ 0.99, you must prepay for a four-year host. If you pay month to month, you can expect the price to be ten times more expensive.

Even taking this into account, a four-year host for around $ 48 for a website is a very good deal. However, upon renewal, the price increases to $ 2.15 per month. Simply put, it means you can do better than you did four years ago.

Considering Hostinger’s low prices, we recommend that you choose a premium shared hosting plan. It starts at $ 2.15 per month for four years and goes up as a single level.

3. DreamHost

Unlike other web hosts, Dreamhost doesn’t believe in offering you dozens of levels of hosting. For each type of hosting plan, they allow you to choose between the two options with a very clear distinction.

As you can imagine, DreamHost’s cheapest plans share hosting options. The cost for a shared entry level with a three-year contract is $ 2.59 per month. However, DreamHost also offers monthly and year-long options at moderate prices.

The downside here is that the shared plan, which supports many websites, is significantly more expensive. However, if you only need hosting for a WordPress site and want to make monthly payments, you can’t beat Dreamhost.

4. A2 Hosting

Of all the web servers we’ve featured so far, none offer as many different types of plans and tiers as A2 hosting. The cheapest of them all is the Startup Shared Hosting plan, which costs $ 2.99 per month with a three-year contract.

Hosting for wordpress

Unlike most of the other options on this list, A2 hosting doesn’t have a huge price difference based on the length of the contract. For example, a two-year contract with a starter plan costs only two dollars less than it pays for an additional twelve months. Certainly the goal is to lock him up for as long as possible.

A2 Hosting is the only other option on this list that also offers paid month-to-month hosting options. Of course, it costs more, which makes it much less attractive.

A curious aspect of using A2 hosting is included in some of their plans, which they call the Turbo Option. These specific plans have been optimized for best performance. However, in terms of shared hosting at least, the cheapest plan offering the Turbo option costs $ 9.99 per month, which is expensive compared to the rest of our photos.

5. Namecheap

As a domain registrar, you may already be familiar with Namecheap. However, if you want to pay month to month, they offer some of the cheapest hosting plans.

If you are looking for a shared plan, Namecheap has three options to offer. The Stellar plan costs $ 1.44 per month, which is the second cheapest web hosting plan on this list.

Like most contests, the sticker price only applies to annual registration. However, Nempke allows you to buy for less than a year, which costs $ 17.28 for the Steller plan. The namespace also offers month-to-month options, though the price doubles from $ 2.88.

However, Namecheap is still one of the most profitable hosts on this list. Also, it allows you to host up to three websites with an Aadhaar sharing scheme, which is a great deal.

Namecheap also offers an inexpensive managed WordPress hosting service called EasyWP. EasyWP plans start at just $ 3.88 per month with regular pricing (and you can try them for free by paying just a penny for your first month).

What is the best cheap web hosting option on wordpress?

Today’s ‘beginner’ hosting plans include an incredible amount of functionality. For less than $ 5 per month, you can get provider hosting with excellent performance, advanced functionality, and a good track record.

However, if you want the best savings, you need to prepay for the years of hosting in advance. With this in mind, your two best options are:

  •  Bluehost if you want to manage WordPress hosting features at the lowest possible prices and are willing to pay for 3 years.
  • Get Hostinger if you want to start with the cheapest solution.

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